Having CAPTCHA issues?

We’re very sorry if you had a difficult time with the CAPTCHA step in the registration form. Some times the images are unfortunately unreadable, so we’re continually on the lookout for a better anti-spam service that's more human friendly.

In the meantime there are a couple options you can take:

  1. There are 3 connected blue buttons to the right of the CAPTCHA image, and the top one loads a new image. If the image you see is illegible you can continue to click the blue refresh button until a readable image appears.


  2. Alternatively, we recommend registering using a Facebook or Twitter account which take the place of the CAPTCHA step and are both faster and easier. We don’t post on your behalf without your knowledge and consent if you register with either, and you can always disconnect your Facebook or Twitter account from the preferences page any time after registering if you like.

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