Customizing Your Collections URL / Username

Customizing Your Collections URL / Username

By default a username is created for you that makes your Collections links unique, but you can make them even more personal by customizing your username. For example, if you register with the name Jane Doe your Collections link will include an automatically created username like 'jane_doe4591' below:

Example Collections and individual Collection URLs with a username automatically created.

You're welcome to change it to anything available with the character limitations described below like "janed" or "the_dough". Please note everyone is limited to changing their username once, so make sure to pick something you like and make sure it's unique.

Example Collections and individual Collection URLs with a customized username.

Character Restrictions

Since usernames are part of link URLs they're limited to in the following ways:

  • Must be between 3 to 45 characters long.
  • Can only contains letters (a-z and A-Z), numbers (0-9), periods (.), hyphens (-) and underscores (_).
  • The first character must be an upper or lowercase letter and not a number or punctuation above.

Reserved Names

We reserve usernames that match the names of people, places, and things on the site, so you are unable, for example, to choose a username of "stephen_king" or "mc.donalds" or "coca-cola".

If you have the same name as an author or celebrity, you can use your name in the 'real name' and/or 'display name' fields during registration and on the Preferences page (your real or display name appears on your Collections pages), but you may not be able to use your exact name for your username.

If you are someone we have a content page for or you are an official representative of a company, product or brand, .

Setting Your Custom Username

If you are not already on one of the pages below, here is how you can set your custom username:

After Verifying Your Email

Once you have verified your email address after registration (or immediately after registration if you used Facebook) you will have the option of customizing your username. You will see the username automatically created for you in the box, and you can change it or leave it as it is.

If you decide not to customize it at this point or if you like the one automatically created, you can always update it from the Preferences page later (see below). But remember, it can only be changed once.

"Email Verified" page after registration with the custom username field.

In Preferences

A 'Custom Username' section has been added to the Preferences page where you can enter a new username if you haven't already done so after registration. See below for how it works step-by-step.

The Preferences page with the Custom Username section 4th down.

  1. Click the username itself or the "CHANGE" link on the right side to edit the username. The Custom Username form will be displayed with a preview URL below it so you can see how it will look in your Collections link.

  2. Edit the auto-created username or enter a new one altogether. Make sure to bear in mind the restrictions above. You will see error messages and the text box will turn red if you try to enter any characters that are not allowed or a name that is reserved (see above for details on reserved usernames).

  3. Once you have a name you like with allowed syntax you can click the "Save" button to continue. If the username you try to save is already used by another user you'll see a related message at this point. Fingers crossed.
  4. If you're successful the form will be replaced by the preview version of your new username.

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