What are Collections?

Collections: Getting Started

Collections is where you can gather books, people, places and things from across the site into Collections that are meaningful to you. Start wherever you'd like, and show us exactly what matters and why.

You can create one or many Collections, whether around themes or simply as ways you like to keep track of interesting things you find.

Example Collections page with several Collections created.

Creating Collections

It's easy to start creating collections once you've registered on Small Demons. Simply click your name in the top right of any page to visit your 'My Collections' page, and click the blue 'Create a Collection' button on your Collections page. Enter a title and an optional description in the window that appears, and click the 'Create it' button. Now you're ready to search for topics to add or browse around the site for anything that fits the bill.

Your Collections page after registering. Click the blue "Create a Collection" button in the box on the left to get started.


Enter a title and optional description after clicking a blue "Create a Collection" button.


Create a Collection on the fly while adding something to your Collections.

Adding to Collections

You can add any book, series, person, place or thing to a collection from across the site — whether on its own page, on a thumbnail or right from search results—just look for a "+" or "+ Add" button.


Add to a Collection with the "+ Add" button below descriptions.


Add to a Collection with the "+" button on any thumbnail image.


Add to a Collection on the Search page.

Sharing Collections

Once you've created a Collection you're proud of, show your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Tumblr. Or share your Collections page so they can see all your Collections.

And if you registered with Facebook or connect it to your account afterward you can easily share to your Facebook Timeline each thing you add to your Collections along the way. Don't want to share something in particular or only want to share certain 'adds'? Just check or uncheck the option each when it appears.


Share with the Share Menu below the search box at the top of any Collections or Collection page —including your own.


Each sharing option has it's own details you can customize, like including a comment when sharing to Facebook.


You can also share to your Facebook Timeline while adding something to a Collection—as simple as checking the box.

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