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If you see that we have a page about you or your organization, company or brand and you have a better description or image you would like to provide, we would love to have them.

Here are a few content guidelines to help make sure we can use what you provide:

  • Name: We try to use the most common usage of you or your company's name, but we also try to include official and alternate names as well as abbreviations in the description and behind the scenes to help us catch as many references to you in books as possible. If we got any of them wrong, please let us know.
  • Categorization: If you're an individual we do our best to include the walks of life you're most known for, but please let us know if we got them wrong or have the wrong one first. If it's your company, please let us know if we have you in the wrong industry.
  • Descriptions: We like to keep descriptions informative and prefer facts over marketing lines. Approximately 500 characters are shown by default, and up to 2500 characters total can be viewed while expanded.
  • Images: Images need to be at least 260 pixels tall and 180 pixels wide (but bigger is definitely better) and will be resized on our side  for smaller sizes cropped to square proportions. We can only display one image per topic at this time. We accept links to images or you can attach one to your message. 

Please include the above information and/or image in our contact form here and select 'Content Questions' for the 'Question Type' option. If you can use an email address associated with your official site or brand it will facilitate things when we reply to verify someone isn't pretending to be you.

Thank you!

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