What do you do with my Facebook data?

If you register using Facebook we currently do nothing with your data aside from allow you to easily sign in without having to remember another username and password combination.

In the near future, however, we will be expanding your options in 2 ways:

1) You will have the choice of pulling in all your 'likes' from Facebook to see which exist on Small Demons and more easily add them to your Storyboard page. If you've liked the BeeGees on Facebook, for example, you'll see that we have it and be able add it to your Storyboard page if you like for easy access and see which books mention them. This will be completely optional, so no need to worry about us doing it automatically.

2) Soon when you add anything to your Storyboard you'll be able to easily post what you added on your Facebook Timeline at the same time. This will be off by default, but you can enable and disable it any time you add something to your Storyboard.

We have more in store after that, but rest assured, your privacy is important to us. We won't post anything on your behalf without your permission.

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